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I am so grateful for Oriana’s use of the eutaptics® Fastereft techniques to help me clear away so many unhelpful beliefs that had been held in place by memories that were no longer serving me. She was quickly and easily able to help me navigate my unconscious patterns that were linked to the things that were creating so many unhappy resources for me to draw on. Oriana combines wisdom, warmth and professionalism in a way that allowed me to trust the process, and her mastery of the Fastereft modality allowed her to achieve rapid breakthroughs and immediate results. Oriana’s ability to adapt to my way of processing my thoughts and feelings made the sessions flow naturally and it was a joy to be a client. I highly recommend Oriana as an eutaptics® Fastereft Practitioner.

Waru Panapa (New Zealand)

Finding the memories that really need to be worked on is not always easy. Oriana's approach is respectful and rich. She is able to access unexpected memories ready for healing. I was amazed how we got through a number of memories on my peace list, and the intensity of the work was interwoven with humour and compassion. She has a high level of trust in our ability to uncover and bring peace and healing into our lives. I highly recommend working with Oriana and the reward of the experience becomes evident almost immediately. Session notes are provided which help with the powerful, long-term changes that begin within the session.

Gillian G. (New Zealand)

After our session, I feel much better and relieved, lighter. I thank you so much for having spent your Sunday to have the session with me.

In the past, when I was working on my own transformation, I was confronted with hard work, patience, tenacity and very slow processes. After only a few sessions with Oriana using the Faster EFT method, my life transformed all at a sudden and my long lasting fears and low self-esteem vanished. Oriana was able to guide me with so much ease and even fun through my emotional "waste" so that it could be released. It felt like taking control of my unconscious mind. As easy as that! Did I believe it could work? Definitely no. And now, I have a wonderful and easy tool at hand that I may use whenever I feel something needs to be healed.

Thanks so much Oriana, for this valuable tool that you taught me, life changing! Hope to meet you in person soon!

Ilona A. (Germany)

My session with Oriana (Anna) Lisi was my first and I have to say that I really love her style- it is unique.

As a personal development coach, I fully understand the importance as a facilitator to not merely know what to do, but HOW to do it. This is what distinguishes a mediocre coach vs. a more capable and accomplished one. I highly recommend Oriana's work.

Sandra R. (San Diego, California)

Oriana has a good understating of what I am dealing with, she is very patient with me and she made the session fun and also serious. I was able to find memories that I thought I had forgotten and she helped me clear the issues related to those memories. I am standing taller, I am more confident at my job. It has been a blessing working with Oriana. I look forward to working with her again.

Kasandra S. (San Francisco)

Thanks you for the session. It was helpful and helped me "deflate" the pressure I have felt with a combination of stubbornness and fear. You helped me understand that, there is/was a deeper reason for the feelings/problem I have today and taught me that there is a way to deal with them today. It was a session full of laughter and found ways to distract me and get me out of the trance.

Harriet (Florida)

She is very patient, kind, helping, funny and professional. We worked on a few memories and the feeling associated and did not watch the clock and went all the way until all the memories got reverted. I recommend working with her to everybody who wants to change his/her life in better.

Caroline C. (Belgium)

The session helped me see that pain of my mother cannot impact me anymore. I made peace with both sides of myself: the happy one and the unhappy self.

Thanks you Oriana, I know you will help other people to love and open up.

Roxana (Romania)

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