What is Advanced Tapping – “FEFT/Eutaptics®

FEFT =(Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations) It is a modality that uses the science of Neuroplasticity to create profound changes.

It is not based on energy healing, although I do accept that all living matters are made of energy.

Responsive image • It is a “mind-body” connection healing system developed further by Robert G. Smith, which over the years has been testing and combining his newest way of tapping on the meridian acupuncture points plus some various cutting-edge techniques, fine-tuned and applied with outstanding results.

• It is a powerful journey on how to take control of ourselves and create the life we want but find it difficult to achieve due to emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.

• It is about solving the “WHY” that we have.

• It is a tool to be used to free ourselves from things that bother us. It is a coping skill tool to be used at any time, as and when required, to reset our emotional sphere.

• It is that magic touch which changes stored negative emotions of past and current events into something better and the good news is that you do it all by yourself because I, the practitioner, will only guide you by using effective and proven techniques.