What is EFT Tapping?

I work with stress and emotions and everything that is connected to or derives from these mind responses.

I can teach the brain how to look for new patterns and pathways and break bad habits. I do it by applying techniques based on neuroscience’s latest research, by stimulating and accelerating the process of rewiring and restructuring neural connections in the brain. I work with the subconscious mind and the belief system that supports disruptive thoughts and behavioral patterns.

I know what to ask and how to work towards the client’s desired outcome. The modalities I practice allow me to work with some clients who have no recollection of the trauma or are affected by dissociative disorders. I can go to the heart of the matter, upgrading memories, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. I facilitate the process of letting go of past feelings by unlocking the mind/body codes that keep you stuck in unhealthy limiting patterns. You will soon find out what truly matters to you, to live a happy and inspired life. 

I make use of “Advanced Tapping” blending complementary, integrative, traditional methods mastered over years of practice. Clients experience transformations within a few sessions, as per testimonials published on the website. The methods practiced do not affect any credos and your entire session is kept confidential. I predominantly work with adults on a one-to-one basis, via video calls or face-to-face when requested. Have a very friendly, funny, and non-judgmental approach.

What is “Tapping” and what it is used for?

I make use of tapping to address emotions. This is a therapeutic technique combining elements of traditional Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It is used and blended with talking therapy, to facilitate the process of lowering the intensity of emotional and physical symptoms, calming down the main organs in the body. The action of tapping brings the focus to the present moment, bringing emotions up to be worked on, without getting carried away.

Areas of Expertise and healing from:

  • Depression/anxiety management
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Trauma, Suicidal thoughts
  • Sexual abuse, low libido, and body image concerns
  •  Eating disorders, (Bulimia, anorexia)
  • Limiting beliefs/thoughts
  • Self-esteem and confidence, public speaking insecurities
  • Relationships issues, financial issues, (related to limiting beliefs)
  • Behavioural issues
  • Procrastination and perfectionism, work-life balance
  • Grief and loss (of people, pets, work, home, etc)
  • Insomnia, fears, and phobias
  • Negative mindset and personal goals
  • Unhealthy habits and addictions e.g. (smoking, compulsive shopping, food, drugs, gambling, etc.)
  • Psychosomatic problems such as Fibromyalgia, tension headache, spastic colitis, multiple chemical sensitivity, food intolerances, TMS*= Tension Myositis Syndrome), etc.

Examples of how to work on yourself:

  • Identify the issue: clearly define the specific issue you are experiencing. It could be work performance, anxiety, low libido, past trauma, low self-esteem, insomnia, physical illness, other conditions caused by mental factors or any other challenge in your life.
  • Understand and explore the emotions (it could be fear, shame, guilt, or any other feelings) and beliefs associated with the issue. Identify any negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, or past experiences that may be contributing to the problem.
  • Rate the intensity from 1 to 10 and we can start the round of tapping. 
  • Tap with two fingertips on specific acupressure points of the body. (This part will be further explained in your first session)
  • Once the negative emotions have been released, you can use positive affirmations and visualizations to reinforce new, empowering beliefs about the problem presented and discover your potential.

If you are looking to address issues using the Advanced Tapping method, here are some general examples for your understanding:

The Models and Techniques Oriana draws from are:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations (FasterEFT/eutaptics®)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, (CBT)
  • Psychology
  • Spiritual understanding
  • Motivational and behavioral Coaching approaches
  • EMDR (in the process of being achieved)

What are the benefits of this Integrative therapy?

  • Visible changes from just one session.
  • Delicate issues like Rape, Emotional and Physical Abuse, PTSD, and Trauma, can be resolved without going deep into specifics or even sharing the content, as I work with feelings, sensations and that might backtrack forgotten memories.
  • Free personalized self-help tips and tools post sessions. You will receive a plan on how to keep working on yourself.
  • No medications are prescribed. Non-invasive techniques work towards your own body’s ability to naturally heal itself (based on neuroplasticity and the power of the mind).
  • Having sessions from the comfort of your home, no travel involved, and just as effective as a face-to-face session.
  • Maximum confidentiality, emphatic and cordial approach
  • Free, 15-minute consultation
  • High success rate

We can Rewire our brains at any age.

We can Recover after traumas, blockages, sexual abuse, stress, addictions, phobias, PTSD, lack of sleep, phobias, and more…

We can Recover from all the emotional and physical hurts, fears, low self-esteem, rejections, guilt, anger, sadness, resentments, and abandonments.

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