I was born in a small town in the Apulia region of Italy. When I was around three my family migrated to Switzerland in search of a better life. I was possibly seven when my parents decided to return to Italy. This move back affected me greatly. I grew up shy and insecure and lost friends along the way. I grew up being bullied and felt as if I did not fit in with the people around me.

I then decided to migrate to London to build my new life, imagining that I could get away from life’s difficulties. Little I knew that running away from problems in Italy would not stop me from encountering new issues living in London. The problem was me, and what I was focusing on, but not for long.

In 2010 I left behind a successful sales career of 15 years to embark on my mission to be the “Red Cross” of my life and of others in need of emotional healing. Soon enough I was introduced by chance, to FasterEFT/eutaptics® healing modality and my life was totally transformed ever since. I went on to qualify as an Advanced Level 4 Practitioner. I also completed an intensive NLP and Life Coach training, graduating from “Action Factory” with Deon Groenewald. Furthermore, I studied “neuroplasticity of the brain”, passing with distinction. This gave me an insight into how mind and body work at a biological/neurological level and how we can modify the chemical and physical aspects of some parts of our brain to achieve a growth mindset.

Thanks to my studies of the mind and having worked and focused on improving myself over the years, I can now see the positive transformation of myself. I am assertive and extroverted; I have changed beliefs that kept me back and I have become more forgiving towards myself and others. I can easily recognize and self-regulate my emotions in a healthy and productive manner. I have developed emotional intelligence and also feel free to enjoy the present without being affected by past emotional entanglements. I now take challenges with an open mind, and I am 200% more positive than I used to be. My mindset has changed. I better understand myself, how my mind works, and how to take control of my emotions and my life in general.

My work and all my training have been approved/recognized internationally by the Complementary Medical Association (C.M.A.)

My other background studies in European languages, such as English, French, and Greek, facilitate my job with clients who want to work in their mother tongue. In recent years, I have found myself traveling for work between the United Kingdom, Greece, and Italy.

There is space within us for change, always! You must allow it to happen. Give yourself the opportunity.

I found my GOAL: To empower people to experience emotional freedom and live a happy, successful life according to their ultimate desires. I love my job and hearing from clients I helped in overcoming their stressed and busy minds.