Waru Panapa (New Zealand)

I am so grateful for Orianas use of the eutaptics® Fastereft techniques to help me clear away so many unhelpful beliefs that had been held in place by memories that were no longer serving me.  She was quickly and easily able to help me navigate my unconscious patterns that were linked to the things that were creating so many unhappy resources for me to draw on.  Oriana combines wisdom, warmth and professionalism in a way that allowed me to trust the process, and her mastery of the Fastereft modality allowed her to achieve rapid breakthroughs and immediate results.  Orianas ability to adapt to my way of processing my thoughts and feelings made the sessions flow naturally and it was a joy to be a client. I highly recommend Oriana as an eutaptics® Fastereft Practitioner.

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Gillian G. (New Zealand)