Ilona A. (Germany)

After our session, I feel much better and relieved, lighter. I thank you so much for having spent your Sunday to have the session with me.

In the past, when I was working on my own transformation, I was confronted with hard work, patience, tenacity and very slow processes. After only a few sessions with Oriana using the Faster EFT method, my life transformed all at a sudden and my long lasting fears and low self-esteem vanished. Oriana was able to guide me with so much ease and even fun through my emotional “waste” so that it could be released. It felt like taking control of my unconscious mind. As easy as that! Did I believe it could work? Definitely no. And now, I have a wonderful and easy tool at hand that I may use whenever I feel something needs to be healed.

Thanks so much Oriana, for this valuable tool that you taught me, life changing! Hope to meet you in person soon!

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