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What is Advanced Tapping - "FEFT/Eutaptics®"

FEFT =(Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations) It is a modality that uses the science of Neuroplasticity to create profound changes.

It is not based on energy healing, although I do accept that all living matters are made of energy.

Responsive image • It is a "mind-body" connection healing system developed further by Robert G. Smith, which over the years has been testing and combining his newest way of tapping on the meridian acupuncture points plus some various cutting-edge techniques, fine-tuned and applied with outstanding results.

• It is a powerful journey on how to take control of ourselves and create the life we want but find it difficult to achieve due to emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.

• It is about solving the "WHY" we have problems.

• It is a tool to be used to free ourselves from things that bother us. It is a coping skill tool to be used at any time, as and when required, to reset our emotional sphere.

• It is that magic touch which changes stored negative emotions of past and current events into something better and the good news is that you do it all by yourself because I, the practitioner, will only guide you by using effective and proven techniques.

The prevailing elements (models of thinking) that Advanced Tapping is based on are as follows:

  • NLP: (Neuro Linguistic Programming) conscious and effective use of language which uses self-affirmations phrases for aiding in "reprogramming" the brain and therefore, remove negative thoughts in order to gain control of our behaviour and emotions to fulfil our full potential.
  • EFT: (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a focused integrative psychology which treats emotional and behavioural problems.
  • BSFF: (Be Set Free Fast - by Dr L. Nims), which is an integrative psychology also to enable control of our emotional and behavioural issues.

Hypnosis, Visualisation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T.).

  • Hypnosis: known to help with long-term conditions and for breaking certain habits. Hypnotherapy can be applied to a wide range of medical, dental and psychological problems. It is also used to enhance performance in several areas such as sport and public speaking.
  • Visualisation: It is a guided technique which can help in visualising pain free areas in our body where there is pain. It can be very effective and is scientifically proven due to the outstanding results obtained by its application over physical pain.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy): it is a talking treatment used to examine present thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, which affect our feelings and behaviour.
  • Psychology and Spirituality: is also at the basis of this methodology. The love for oneself, the love for others plays a fundamental role.

How does Tapping work?

This new form of Tapping is a fantastic tool used to understand and decode how our past affects who we are today. Just by identifying the bad emotions we felt and experienced we can resolve other current issues. We tap on the meridian points as a way to relax, we disconnect the mind-body connection between each memory and our subsequent physical reaction. We then gain control through guided help of a qualified practitioner and in this manner thanks to the applied techniques changes can occur.
Therefore, by being aware and releasing the negative feelings attached to memories, by changing the meaning we give due to our constructed perspective and the references held in our subconscious, we can live a stress-free life. We gain a better perspective and are able to take control over the past, present and future in terms of physical, mental and emotional health. End result? A positive outlook in life with lasting effects.

What can Tapping "FEFT/Eutaptics®" help address?

Stress/Depression - Obsessive thoughts - Upsetting events from past and/or ongoing - Pain - Trauma - Anxiety - Phobias - Fears - Creative blocks - Weight issues - Relationships - Insomnia - Fatigue - Bad habits - Disease - Rape - Money issues - Food allergies/intolerances - Performance - Low Self esteem - Physical & mental abuse - Addictions - Sexual issues - Grief & loss issues and disorders like P.T.S.D. - O.C.D. and much more. Ask me if not sure.

Why choose tapping?

  • It has a healthy and logical belief system easily accepted by anyone
  • Quicker changes at a deeper level
  • straight to the point
  • Aims at the problem, directly
  • No medications
  • User friendly, always on hand, no matter what circumstances
  • It deals with core issues, traumas, limited beliefs and eliminates them completely
  • Works with the unconscious mind and all its resources
  • It works also with people who have no memories of an issue
  • It can be used mentally or physically, due to its’ easy tapping process
  • It can be used on people that don't want to share the content of their memories
  • You get an explanation on why and how we create problems
  • It can address people's problems without interfering with their Credo
  • It creates "Ultimate Forgiveness" (important part of healing and be happy)
  • You get to live by desire and not by default
  • You get to take ownership of your life
  • It breaks habitual thinking, by becoming more aware, responsible and change for better, your course of actions.
  • It enables to change memories that have caused negative emotions into positive memories.