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I turbo started this in my life. I had not a clear idea of how to organise my thoughts having always had a busy mind. I would frantically look at things to do just as I would remember them coming up into my mind. The results was always the same…I would get overwhelmed and then drop every mental plan I had made, half the way through. How many times did I do this? Then procrastination would kick in and voila’ my legs would not move further, I would be sucked in the quicksand of my mastered past experiences. Little I knew there was a way out of this vortex of mud that would cloud my mind. I will never forget the day I took charge of myself and discovered the way to overturn this state. I learned that there is an easy process we can all go through starting by what we value most in life which leads to drawing plans to achieve what we want. Having a realistic, measurable goal in mind, makes my legs and my mind move forward, makes me act upon ideas, projects. Writing my little strategies to go forward gave me a clearer mind and REALLY a sense of direction. Clearing out some old patterns, letting go of limiting beliefs and a good dose of life coaching made me gain motivation and interest for tasks that would have looked unattainable before.
Now, I always know what to do next , I always know WHEN and HOW to act. I have changed my old system to an upgraded state of the art one, which shortens my times and makes me feel happier and fulfilled.
Would you want a clearer mind too? Or are you feeling stuck in limbo?
Strategise your tomorrow now!

Oriana A. lisi

Neuroplastician-Advanced FasterEFT & NLP Practitioner-Life Coach

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