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Can we do without it or is it there to stay? 


Fear is a response to a negative stimulus created by a pre-existing belief or the way we interpret things around us. There is a subjective perception behind it. This perception produces feelings and sensations in our bodies which in turn create anxiety. Those feelings that we experience are just feelings in our body responding to the mind and to what we might be saying to ourselves. This is just a stress reaction where the body is telling the unconscious mind; “this is a dangerous situation!” The perception is the one of being under threat. The body is the servant of the mind, and the mind is interconnected with the body, they work in symbiosis, and they are by definition one piece.

It is the mind that generates the threat/problem and makes it feel SO REAL, due to the sensations we really feel in our body. The sensations feel real, so much so that even we listen to the whispers in our heads. Those are stories we have repeatedly told ourselves. Most of the time, we are not even aware why we behave like so or just think so, we just do it, based on what we recorded into our minds from past experiences that we don’t even think about or even remember that we went through. The anxiety then kicks in spiralling out of control, because we recognise the situation as being a danger and not safe to be in. We experience anxiety about the perceived anxiety. We worry about not coping with the symptoms of fear of what will happen. We amplify the anxiety even further.


Research at a neurological level has proved that the amygdala (an organ between your brain responsible for emotional responses) starts sending false signals to the nervous system, which in turn will release stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Blood pressure goes up and so does the heart rate. Therefore, understanding that the anxiety is just a creation or misconception, we allow ourselves to overcome the feeling and become calmer consequently.


Do you want to be in control of your stress, anxiety, phobias, do you want to change the way you feel deep inside? Change the way you represented and emotionally responded to your experiences to a beneficial, gratified life.


To know the above it is a good start to act and be FREE, like many, it is your next step.

Are you the one too? 


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