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The word neuroplasticity originates from two words neuro, which means brain and plasticity, which means malleable/plastic.  Neuroplasticity is the ability that we humans have, to shape our brain. The brain is where the thoughts are stored and thoughts are made of memories and experiences and what we made up about those experiences, at the time they happened. We cannot change what has already happened in history, but we can change the way we interpret things and how they play into our brain. 

Back in the 80’s they understood that the mind was separate from the brain but they did not believe that the brain could change. It was believed that it was hardwired from childhood until adulthood. From the latest research on the subject, now we can say that this is not true. Our brain is actually adaptable through new learnings.


Every time we think of a thought, there are billions of paths or roads that light up in various parts of our brain. This happens when we think, heal or do something. Some of the pathways are well travelled and those are our habits, established ways of thinking, feeling and doing. Every time we feel a particular feeling, we do a particular task, we strengthen those neuropaths. Therefore, when we feel a different emotion or we do something completely new, we create a new path and if we keep practicing the same or feel the same, our brain will use that pathway more and more and your way of feeling, thinking or doing becomes a habit. The old pathways will be travelled less and so they will weaken. This process is called rewiring of the brain to form new connections and destroying old ones. 

We can all do it, as we all have the ability to update our brain to change. Neuroscience calls it Neuroplasticity. 


We conclude that, the more we play the new learnings, the more we change and rewire our brain. 


I have the skills to help you guide you through those changes. 

A few sessions will start the process coupled with homework I provide post sessions.


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