What is Ego and does it serve us?

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I did not know what it really meant a decade or so ago, when my partner told me I had a big EGO, over a discussion we were having. Now I am aware of what it is and what it can do to people. This 3 letters word can ruin relationships if left unmanaged.
I was the victim of my own Ego, playing victimhood and trying to stand my ground in order not to lose the cause. What I know now is so useful and it has helped me a great deal. I can recognise this behaviour and empathise. My ego grew out of fear of being left alone. I was only a tiny little girl and I felt abandoned each time I was left at the nursery with nuns for the whole week as an internal. I have changed since then, I have grown up, I am not alone anymore, I have a lovely husband that I know he loves me, I have my family that stands by my side, and I can always count on my friends. I am blessed and I have no reasons to fuel this behaviour.
Behaviours can change if you allow yourself to, at any age. It helped me back then though. That was a great mechanism of self-defence, protection!
Discover who you can be now, who you can become without the 3 letters E.G.O.
Ignore the E and let it GO!
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