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A true happy person is the one that doesn’t seek happiness from the outside world or circumstances, because he/she would have learned and executed strategies to be feeling so.


For some, it could be depending upon circumstances, for others it could be genetic but, it is the state of mind, which determines our happiness. What makes us happy is to know what our purpose in life is, when what we think, do, and say are balanced, compatible with one another, no conflicts, whatsoever. Happiness lies in a sense of achievement, and in the ability to drive our life in the direction we want and so living a meaningful life. 


My definition of happiness is to have a goal in mind and work towards that direction, no matter how long it takes. Have a purpose in mind and try to fulfil it! An example could be writing blogs like this one, to create awareness over the business I am in. This alone, is the purpose and my aim, currently. I say currently because, the strategies may change and so there would be a reshuffling and a set of priorities to re-establish to be in line with my purpose.


Journaling, mindfulness as well as reflections and introspectiveness create happiness as we become aware of the surroundings and aware our emotions. In this way, we can control them and can have the choice to look at a problem in a positive way. When we rationalise our own thoughts, we become more prepared in avoiding negativity afflicting us.


Being able to forgive contributes to our happiness too. So, if we want to forgive others, we should step into their shoes and be more emphatic. When we do or say something bad, we can always justify ourselves, because it is coming from our reasoning. So, if we apply reasoning to understand the others, forgiving will come easier. This does not mean that we should accept their wrong motifs, but at least, it will enable us NOT to feel hurt. We will be able to achieve clarity in our minds and feel more at peace. Forgiving others is an act of kindness towards ourselves. It rewards us with happiness, as we allow ourselves to let go of negative feelings that derange us.


The moral of the story is finding your purpose in life, forgive yourself and others and create a daily journal and you will nail your happiness. 


Oriana A. lisi

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