Can we REALLY overcome physical/emotional pain?

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What if your PAIN was not structural and it was instead MIND-MADE?
Repressed emotions play a big part in our wellbeing.
What if you could give yourself a chance to free yourself from ALL the torments in your life by facing your own little soliloquies/ internal conflicts, of which, you might or might not, be aware?
I stopped my hand excruciating arthritic pain a few years back, just in this way. Changing the way I had interpreted a particular event in my life, the emotional meaning I had tagged on it, having self tormented myself with doubts and the scariness of having to deal with it. Suppressed emotions turned out to have the upper hand. YES!
I did not want to focus on the problem and my body played its part, the “Distraction”, the pain.
The thing we don’t realise is that, it is convenient to burry our heads under the sand but the heat will still burn our bums, as it is the one left exposed.
You’ll suffer later, elsewhere…
It’s a way our body is trying to protect ourselves, it is a primordial defence mechanism, which we can now manipulate with neuroscience applications, like the FasterEFT I practice on myself and others.
New and better stories have came out… I learned that there is “many sides to a story”.
That I can still be assertive without stepping on other people’s heads. Don’t let other people’s issues afflict me.
In so doing, following my internal compass to be satisfied, be the person I have always dreamed to be. Now that I respect myself more, I pay attention to my needs, I give permission to myself to speak out, I am pain free.
This is my story, we all have a different one and different approaches as individuals.
I no longer had to go under a knife, as previously strongly recommended by top surgeons, the pain has long gone, my hand looks and feels like it should, the surgeon has been left puzzled.
And, Let me tell you, Doctors are not always right!
After a few FasterEFT sessions from a colleague of mine and few weeks later approx, the pain had left my body
I dealt with my “Secret nightmares”, insecurities, worries and I can stand tall and enjoy what life brings in.
Now I can make pottery again, if I want to. I am pain FREE!
It is a miracle, it is my own created, well deserved miracle!
Why was I so stubborn? Why did I not believe in this, it is another story of mine…tbc
Moral of the story:
Give yourself a chance, give yourself permission, accept that it will work and do what I did.
The mind and body is all one peace. Your nervous system and your immune system are interconnected and play the “safe game” with our body. The body helps the mind and the mind helps the body in bad and in good times.
Think, believe and act.
Will you finally grab that opportunity and help yourself in good and for good?
Oriana A. lisi
FasterEFT Practitioner L4
Works Internationally
Lover of life

©Oriana A. Lisi. All rights reserved