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I grew up in an Italian family migrated to Switzerland in search for a more fulfilling life, at a family level. I was not much of an outgoing personality, very shy and would not trust anyone not even myself. At the age of 5 or 6 I witnessed a scene of jealousy which stayed with me for most of my life. I adopted my mum’s story, I made it mine…I was playing the victim and the victimiser, all by myself. Nobody knew this, nor myself at the time. 

My memory was consolidated and it would show in my behaviour. I would attract people that hurt me, bullied me, made fun of me. My performance at school was affected too and the low self esteem grew deeper and deeper. The more I despised people, the more of the same I would attract. 


Today I know that  there is a way to change behavioural patterns, nothing is cast in stone, nor a behaviour. What we don’t want can be easily changed to what we want.. It is a subconscious program we run and that can be easily unlearned. 

I completely changed, I can tell you that! I can trust others and I am more confident. I learned to love and respect myself more and that in turn I get to be loved. I am blessed to be able to understand this and act accordingly. I sparked my emotional Intelligence. 


There was an option I seized it, took it with two hands. 

I found the way, I found the formula. I feel good that I happily  have overcome the old behaviour. We can change the ways we feel, the ways we internalise events in our life at a deepest level.


Give yourself a chance too, you may find out that this is all is needed...

Follow me for more life changing stories… I can happily guide you, in how it is done.


Oriana A. lisi

Neuroplastician-Advanced FasterEFT & NLP Practitioner-Life Coach

TEL. +44-7772 955 178

Works Internationally - Lover of life