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Our body is a well-developed and complex machine. All parts work together like an oiled machine, from the smallest to the most complex molecules.  


For our body to work well, there must be a right balance/proportion of chemicals as well as an easy interaction between them. Hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters carry numerous chemicals and when at least one of them fail, doctors and researchers call them “chemical imbalances” and they refer to imbalance of neurotransmitters or chemical messengers of the brain. This imbalance exists because the neural pathway system of the brain leads to emotional unresolved pains such as anxiety and irrational conclusions, which become coded into our genes. The good news is that those genes can be reprogrammed to work better and so changes can occur at a microscopic level. In current biology, Epigenetic research has also proven that defected genes can be potentially reversible.  


The causes for a crash or imbalance could be several, drug abuse, unhealthy eating habits, age, diseases, accidents and chronic stress. Yes, chronic stress is also a good cause for chemicals to backfire. Psychotropic drugs, of course, can do something to temporarily fix this chemical imbalance but they do not have the upper hand in changing the neural pathways, and the various associations in our brain. 


When we find new positive strategies and we go through a process of repetitions in our head, replaying over and over the new strategies, the chemicals in our mind will become more regulated and will adjust the other chemicals in the rest of the brain.  Neural associations will become denser and denser, stronger networks will be formed and so, new neural pathways will be open. Those changes can last as long as we repeat the practice until the changes solidify and feel natural. In this way we can recover from anxiety, depression and be perfectly balanced at a chemical level. Everything works in this way, everything we learn in life creates new pathways and they become stronger the more we exercise or practice. 


FasterEFT/eutaptics® what I practice has been credited to facilitate this process through techniques and processes applied and based on neuroscience research. 


The moral of the story is, chemical imbalance can be manipulated and people for instance, with borderline disorders have definitely an opportunity if only they are given the chance and knowledge to change. 


It is the science talking plus the desire to change, a good practitioner facilitating new strategies and a good dose of repetitions to solidify the changes. 


Is this your opportunity?


Oriana A. lisi

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