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My Journey To Becoming A Tapping Practitioner

I am an Italian living in London.

Sales professional turned Tapping Practitioner.

I specialise in subconscious reprogramming with the aim to empower people and help them understand that a problem may not exist as such if we change certain values and as well as our perception of some of our past experiences.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by human nature; the interconnection between mind and body, and the cause-effect of the emotional state of mind over people. Curious about what makes individual people tick and how different backgrounds and emotional experiences make them who they are, I undertook both formal and independent studies in various fields including psychology and philosophy to better understand human nature.

Over the years I found myself to be somewhat of a positive pole attracting people who would confide and seek impartial advice. This realisation coupled with my studies and personal interests led to a strong desire to help people in a professional capacity.

With a 15-year carrier in sales behind me, which helped form an understanding of basic human behaviour psychology, I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people become the best version of themselves.

In 2008, I began my studies as a Tapping Practitioner. I qualified through an internationally recognised course called FasterEFT, now known as Eutaptics®. This methodology is recognised and approved by the C.M.A. (Complementary Medical association) and the NHS (National Health Service), in United Kingdom.

I am here to help people change their thinking patterns and inherited beliefs in order to create a life shaped by desire and not by default.


I am not a licensed counsellor, psychologist, dietician, or medical professional, and have no licensing or formal training in these fields.

I am certified through the Skills for Change Institute, Inc. in the FasterEFT process for personal growth and life coach training, having studied directly under the developer and founder Robert G. Smith (www.FasterEFT.com).

My Goal is to empower people and give them the tools to live a happy, successful and a peaceful life, and to provide my services to whoever in need of emotional freedom.

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